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Professional Services

We know what it's like to receive a higher than normal water bill due to a sprinkler system related issue, and we also know the feeling of having orange stains covering hard surfaces on the outside of a home or business location. We understand the disappointment of brown, dead grass or plants in the landscape of a home or business. We know how much time you spend to turn a system on and check the property one zone at a time; the time it takes walking back to the controller to change the zone each time, hoping to find the issue to get the sprinkler system back in proper working order. We are here so you do not have to waste time figuring things out. It can be financially, mentally, and time exhausting. Our licensed professionals will provide  quality work at an affordable rate to accommodate your sprinkler system needs. At Stuck Up Sprinklers, customers are treated like family and we guarantee you the best experience in all stages of service. Call or text 954 825 5992 now to schedule your FREE estimate!

Professional Services: Services
Garden Hose Sprinkler

Services include but are not limited to:

Lake/canal water systems 

Well water systems

City water systems

Athletic fields

Suction lines

Broken pipe repair

Sprinkler head replacement

Water conservation

Full coverage assessment

Rain sensors

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